One dark night, Vladimir Buterin with a flip of a switch, decided to pull the plug on all his scientific experiments… creating an endless ripple of blood on the streets of Dogeville. The citizens howled in fear as the city turned into chaos, doge bodies everywhere… laying lifeless on the floor.

Out came the evil genius, Dr. Musk who took this golden opportunity to explore the themes of life, death and doge versus nature. He created this sapient creature in an unorthodox science experiment. The creature of the night was assembled from old body parts of dead doges and strange chemicals, animated with a mysterious spark.


• Upon release, 50% of the tokens will be immediately burned and made inaccessible. We will ensure that our tokens stay out of the hands of Mr. Buterin, thus we will be sending these tokens to the dead address.

• 48% of the tokens will be available for public sale in a fair launch.

• 2% of the tokens will be sent to a Marketing and Development fund.

• Each Dogenstein transaction will have a 9% tax.

• 5% of this tax will be sent right to the liquidity pool to help improve the stability of the coin and to help create a price floor.

• 4% of the tax will be equally distributed to holders based on how many Dogenstein tokens you own. The more Dogenstein tokens you hold, the greater % of the distribution you will receive.

• The team will be locking their liquidity for 6 weeks.

• This ensures a safe and fair environment for holders.